ILPEA is dedicated to satisfying its customers’ requirements: this is the core of the company’s mission and is expressed throughout the stages of development and production of Ilpea components.
To achieve this objective, Ilpea devotes its technical and commercial resources to the following activities:
  • analysis of customers’ requirements
  • quick design that meets customer’s needs (co-design)
  • quick and precise project development up to serial production (time to market)
  • ongoing, product-specific technical assistance 
  • achievement of the 0-ppm returns quality standard
  • manufacture of products using raw materials made from in-house produced compounds and in-house designed tooling
  • opening of production sites close to its customers’ plants across the world, thereby minimizing transport costs and allowing for JIT deliveries and the lowest possible inventories.
An open dialogue with the customers is regarded as fundamental for the success of any project: from product design to its delivery and to its final use, Ilpea is always there to assist and offer solutions.

ILPEA will continue pursuing the strategy of global expansion that has made it a market leader.
In particular, to make sure it continues to represent the best choice for its customers also in the future, Ilpea will carry on investing resources to offer its customers state-of-the-art technology across the world (product standardization in all continents), top quality, the best logistic organization and hence the highest level of competitiveness.
To this end, Ilpea
  • will still be opening production sites in any country of the world where its customers need its products, thereby further strengthening the partnership with its customers.
  • It will continue to pursue quality eccellence and the innovation of its production processes and existing products, as well as developing new products.
  • It will continue to offer transparency and continuity in its business conduct: seriousness and the respect of supply agreements are, and always will be, the guiding principles of its business relations to its customers.
  • It will continue to hire and train skilful yet flexible people for all company functions at the Group’s level, who fulfil the requirements of a worldwide sector leader.
  • It will continue to conduct environmentally-friendly manufacturing activities and guarantee workplace safety, in accordance with the tenets set forth in the company’s Code of Ethics.