ILPEA is committed to satisfying the needs of the market with regard to both materials and service, as is testified by the Company's ongoing investment in research and development.
ILPEA's laboratories are equipped with the most modern analysis instruments (such as those used for carrying out DCS, TGA, FTIR, MFI, VICAT, HDT tests, among others) and are focused on investigating, mastering and optimizing solutions for continuous development as part of a business philosphy that looks ahead into the future.
Thanks to the combination of product engineering – which designs and develops innovative products capable of meeting any requests by the customer – and machine engineering – which designs the tooling and special machines that are needed in the manufacturing processes – it is possible to develop hundreds of new products each year, and to offer Ilpea’s customers a highly reliable technical assistance, while at the same time reducing time to market to a very minimum.  
ILPEA's main objectives are, among others: product diversification, the creation of innovative products, the constant pursuit of total quality, the achievement of total product recycling and a reduced impact on the environment.
Continuous testing has allowed for the fine-tuning of materials, processes and products that, owing to their innovative characteristics and novelty of concept, have gained Ilpea more than 40 patents across the world. Ilpea owns 10 trademarks for products that have a worldwide patent protection:  ILPEA, ILPEASKIN, SIGMA FIGURA, ISOSKIN, IOS, FERRIPLAST, OXIMAG, INOMAG, PULVEROX and TWIN.
Some of the major achievements by Ilpea include:
the TRIO high performance sealing gaskets for refrigerators 
the co-extrusion technology, allowing to combine  materials with a different hardness that have a metal reinforcement 
the realization of plastic profiles fitted with magnetized strips 
the use of raw materials that are resitant to aging, without using surface painting 
the use of foamed materials allowing for significant weight reduction 
the realization of PVC-free materials
the realization of AS-free materials