The Group is organized into three business units, each consisting of a certain number of plants. The three units basically share the same industrial and market strategies, however each one has its own management, separate research and development centers and a sales structure that concentrates on their specific industry,  to ensure the required level of specialization. 
This business unit manufactures innovative components which are developed in co-design with the customer .
It operates in different market sectors, ranging from household appliances to the automotive industry, from window and door profiles to profiles for shower enclosure in the residential building sector.
It is present in all continents with 26 plants that guarantee JIT service and low logistics costs.
The unit has a vertically integrated production and can develop compounds and finished products according to customer specifications in a very short time. It has R & D centers in Italy, USA, India and Brazil.
This unit was established in 1968. Besides the manufacture of flexible magnetic profiles for refrigerator door gaskets,  made by extruding in-house produced ferrite-based compounds, the unit makes many other magnetic products for applications in various business sectors, such as the automotive and building industries. It has 4 production sites which are located in Italy, USA, Brazil and India ,
This unit has a long lasting experience in the manufacture of rubber technical items. After establishing itself as market leader in the household appliances industry, it strengthened later on its position through the takeover of Paranova Articoli Tecnici S.p.A., one of the major companies in the sector.
From its initial specialization in the household appliances market, it has developped  to a greatly diversified range of products, and now supplies also other production fields, such as the road construction and the automotive industry.
The business unit has 5 large production sites located in Italy, Poland, USA, Mexico and India.
The technologies used, such as extrusion with microwave curing or molten salt bath for rubber vulcanizationa ; injection moulding and compression moulding, allow for a large range of products to be developed for various application fields.