Extruded and coextruded profiles perform a double function: an aesthetic one and a practical one. The ideal profile must meet both these needs, thereby satisfying technical and functional requirements while, at the same time, offering a pleasant design. ILPEA has successfully addressed both aspects. The study of new materials and the fine-tuning of manufacturing systems designed to meet specific requirements have led to exciting results, allowing for profiles to be developed to cater for our customers’ every needs in a wide range of applications.

PROFILES FOR SHOWER STALLS ILPEA supplies standard and customized extruded or co-extruded profiles consisting of up to four different types of plastic materials combined together in one signle piece, with or without a magnetic strip or aluminium reinforcement. The use of polyolefin-based elastomerized profiles with a magnetic strip reinforcement has greately enhanced the user-friendliness of shower stall closing systems. The magnetized profiles used for the closing of shower doors are available with an ILPEA patented treatment (Patent No. EP1214554), which makes their mounting easier and avoids polarity errors. At the cusctomer’s request, all profiles may be supplied with a comoulded piece at both ends, which has both an estetic and a sealing function. The use of special materials and additives has allowed for the manufacturing of profiles in different colours which may be transparent, coloured to customers’ specifications or may have a metallic finish. ILPEA supplies the world’s most famous shower stall makers, such as DUSCHOLUX, HUEPPE, NOVELLINI, DUKA, KERMI, KORALLE and DUSAR.
Multi-funtional coextruded profiles, with or without aluminium strip. For use on shower stalls.
THERMAL BREAK PROFILES FOR ALUMINIUM WINDOWS AND DOORS ILPEA is a leading manufacturer of fibreglass reinforced polyamide profiles for the thermal insulation of aluminium windows and doors. The profiles are made using customer co-design techniques when requested. SCHUECO, WICONA, HYDRO ALUMINIUM, ALL.CO and ALCO are among the companies that purchase LPEA’s profiles for their thermal break systems..
Profile detail
WINDOW AND DOOR GASKETS Ilpea and its US affiliate company Ilpea Industries have created a wide range of PVC, TPE and Propylene window and door weatherstrips with three different hardness choices (flexible, semi-rigid and rigid) that can ensure a reliable air and water tight seal that stands up to the test of time. To satisfy the needs of specific application fields, Ilpea Industries has developed seals with a foamed material reinforcement and a magnetized surface. Ilpea has also developed TPE profiles fitted with in-built magnetic strip and a counterpole to improve the closing of wooden windows and doors: these weathrestrips are supplied with the Sigma logo.
Extruded and co-extruded profiles of some materials.