1)Extruded isotropic magnetic profiles:
used on magnetic gaskets for refrigerator doors; in applications for the building industry
(window weathertrips, magnetic anchor points for suspended ceilings, shower stalls, awnings, magnetic boards, etc.);
in the manufacture of promotional gadgets; as paper weights for use on metal surfaces, and in many other applications.

Characteristics of isotropic magnets
Dimensions (mm)
Pulling Force (g/cm) with a 0.45 mm air gap
9x2 3 poli 33 +/- 10% max. 20 mm
(Values measured according to the ILPEA method).
Extruded isotropic magnetic profiles for any profiles
2) Extruded anisotropic magnetic profiles:

high-energy magnets that are a constituent part of electric motors, position sensing devices and speed measuring devices – such as theABS and EDS mounted on cars – promotional gadgets, magnetic displayers, etc.
Extruded anisotropic magnetic profiles. For use on magnetic encoders.
3) Rigid, injection moulded anisotropic magnets: high-energy magnets used as an alternative to the flexible type magnets, to make electric motors, position sensing and speed measuring devices, such as cars’ ABS and EDS, as well as in many other applications, such as water pumps and timers.
Injection moulded magnetic rings. For use on the tachometers of electric motors.