Ilpea uses customer co-design techniques and builds custom-made tooling for the extrusion of rubber seals which have a wide variety of applications. Ilpea has extrusion facilities in Europe, the US, Mexico and India.

GASKETS AND PROFILES FOR THE HOUSHOLD APPLIANCES SECTOR These gaskets are made from extrusion and can be used plain for the sealing of the doors of dish washers and dryers. When used for sealing the revolving surfaces of washing machines and dryers, after the extrusion operation they are usually spliced, painted or coated with felt.
Profiles for appliance sector
GASKETS AND PROFILES FOR THE AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY These gaskets are used simply extruded when they do not have an air or water tightness purpose, as in the case of the profiles that are fitted between dashboard and windscreen and the noise reduction gaskets used around windows. Otherwise, when used for the sealing of external surfaces, such as the windscreen, windows and the glass covering the headlights, or when used for sealing onboard equipment, like the cooling water tank, they may undergo further operations, such as corner welding, spilicing, painting or coating with flock.
GASKETS AND PROFILES FOR THE BUILDING SECTOR These are Ilpea’s drawing, large-size profiles (up to 40 kg/mt), which are designed for use in the road, tramway and port building sectors, or profiles for ashlars and tunnels that are made to customer’s specifications. They are characterized as being highly weather and chemical agent resistant.
For use by the building industry