Using ferrite and specific polymers it is possible to make magnets in complex shapes for applications such as watches, audio and video recorders, position sensors, ABS sensors, intelligent suspension systems, micromotors, onboard instruments, burglar alarms, magnetic transmission systems, position magnets used for determing revolution speed and rotation direction, counting devices, floppy disk drives, windscreen wiper motors, rev counters, timers, toys, micromotors for miniature train models and electric cars,
Ilpea magnets are supplied ready for use. Depending on the manufacturing process used to make them and on their specific characteristics, they can be broken down as follows:

2) Extruded anisotropic magnetic profiles:

high-energy magnets that are a constituent part of electric motors, position sensing devices and speed measuring devices – such as theABS and EDS mounted on cars – promotional gadgets, magnetic displayers, etc.
Extruded anisotropic magnetic profiles. For use on magnetic encoders.
3) Rigid, injection moulded anisotropic magnets: high-energy magnets used as an alternative to the flexible type magnets, to make electric motors, position sensing and speed measuring devices, such as cars’ ABS and EDS, as well as in many other applications, such as water pumps and timers.
Injection moulded magnetic rings. For use on the tachometers of electric motors.